ommuruga fen 19 copy

Fencing cement post


Fast drying concrete post mix helps to reduce labour and increase efficiency on site. It is ideal for construction and DIY projects including fixing concrete, metal & wooden fence posts.once set, it can be covered with earth, grass or decorative aggregate as required.The perfect fence post with designs paired with your choosen fence panel will create a seamless border to your garden, and with our guarantee against rot and fungal damage for 10-15 years depending on the treatment, you can be sure that your fencing will continue to be an asset to your garden for a long time.that was assured by our om muruga by Fencing in UNATHUR.


  • 20kg bag
  • setting time 5-10 minutes
  • high quality, reduced labour, less wastage

Installation of cement fencing

  1. Dig a hole beside timber post
  2. Insert the concrete spur
  3. Bolt the spur into the timber post
  4. Use Post10 to cement your post into the ground