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Fencing is very important factor to be done to protect your Property, Now a days there are lot of Property issues are happening in India. Even if you went to court to prove that it is your property it is very difficult and takes many years to resolve the Issue. We have to make sure that our property is safe by frequent visit to our land and Cover our property boundary line with fencing or compound wall. As construction compound walls are expensive we can go with fencing. there are many type of fencing available you can choose the one which is suitable for your property and Budget. Om muruga fencing is one of the Best fencing in salem,chinnasalem,Unathur, we offer our services all across Tamil Nadu.we do chain link fencin,barbed fencing,plastic net fencing,cement post fencing.Moreover, clients acclaim these products for their corrosion resistance, rugged construction, utmost protection against trespassing, durability and high tensile strength. Our clients demand the products to install these at industrial buildings, housing complexes, farm houses, air ports, sea ports, factories, go-downs and petroleum installations. The fencing products we offer are considered as the most modern and effective way of protecting installed structure from trespassing by either thieves or animals. Acting as an instant barrier, our products are best option for prevention of any kind of encroachmen


Barbed fencing

Rounded barbed fencing

ommuruga fen 20 copy

Chain link fencing


X barbed fencing


Fencing cement post


Box barbed fencing

ommuruga fen 7

Our fencing project